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Road Rescue

A 24-hour service that provides you with a quick response to Breakdowns, Accidents, Battery Jump Start, Flat Tyre Services, Fuel Delivery or any incidents that render your vehicle in case of any damage to your vehicle


2 fully equipped AES Ambulances. These are staffed with highly trained Paramedic staff. Wherever you are in Arusha - you are covered by the BEST Paramedic Service in Tanzania.

Fire Rescue

This is a service which we are starting soon and it is comprised of 1 Mercedes Benz Fire Engine and a Standby Water Bowser (capacity 18,000 litres of water) which will considerably enhance our ability to provide exemplary services.

First Aid Training

At last a first aid training courses package that makes sense, knowing what to do in those critical momments before professional help arrives may save a life. AES First Aid Courses are designed to do just that.

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